SA Technologies is the world leader in situation awareness research, design, training, modeling and measurement. When people interact with the advanced systems used in complex operations, we develop innovative solutions that result in effective decisions and performance, and reduce catastrophic errors and liability.


 situation awareness research


Our findings produce rich data for creating designs, evaluating concepts and gaining understanding for complex decision-making. Find out more >>
situation awareness design


User-centered design process bridges the gap between data and the development of real-world solutions. Find out more >>
situation awareness training


Increase the rate of success for critical outcomes by improving the skills of individuals and teams. Find out more >>
situation awareness modeling


We've developed cognitive models that combine fuzzy logic and concept mapping to represent the relationships of the human cognitive system. Find out more >>
situation awareness measurement


Validate critical measures at every stage of a project to ensure high levels of situation awareness and optimum performance. Find out more >>